One Snowy Night Before Christmas – Pamela Fryer

548383692096276914_ssqVxKTU_bJessica Jeffries hates Christmas. With all the commercialism, stress and chaos, there are a lot of people who feel the same way. But Jessie has more reason than most for hating it. She’s been robbed, dumped, caught pneumonia, broken her leg, and this year she ran over Santa Claus in her truck.

Tom Dunham’s holiday is turning out to be pretty awful. Not only is he suddenly responsible for his six year old daughter he hasn’t seen since infancy, but Amy holds him personally responsible for uprooting her, making it impossible for Santa to find her on Christmas morning.

Things go from bad to worse when Tom’s car breaks down on a freezing mountain road, but he gets a reprieve when a young woman who looks more like a model than a tow truck driver comes to his rescue. Suddenly things are looking up – until she runs over an old man with an eerie resemblance to St Nick.

Warning: One Snowy Night Before Christmas might just make you believe in Santa Claus again.

Well, the Christmas season is nearly upon us, so to get me in the mood I picked up this book (which was, and still is, free on It’s only short story but I managed to get sucked straight into this book. The characters are great and very likeable. Jessie lives on her own and hates Christmas. She doesn’t celebrate it due to all the bad luck she’s had during the Christmas period as a child and as an adult. She insists on working over Christmas, driving her tow truck to help rescue their families and their broken down cars.

Tom has just got custody of his six year old daughter, Amy. They are basically strangers to one another, since Tom hasn’t seen her since she was a year old. As they are making their way back to Tom’s home, they get stranded and Jessie is called out to save them. As Jessie, Tom and Amy are making their way to the nearest town to get Tom’s car fixed, Jessie accidentally runs over an old man. The old man is dressed in a red snow suit, and looks the spitting image of Santa. Amy immediately believes it is Santa, and the three of them take Santa to hospital.

This is a great book, Tom and Jessie bond over Amy and with her simple look out on Christmas, Jessie starts to soften and begin to get into the holiday spirit. It’s the perfect book to get you into the Christmas mood, and makes you believe in Santa all over again.

**Be aware this story contains sexual content; and not intended for readers under the age of 18.**

Genre: Chic-Lit

Rating: 4/5

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