Thursdays In The Park – Hilary Boyd

12351610Thursdays In The Park by Hilary Boyd

Genre: Fiction

Synopsis:What do you do if you’ve been married to a man for half your life and out of nowhere he leaves your bed – permanently? When this happens to Jeanie, she’s furious and hurt, and determined to confront George, her husband of thirty years. Is he in love with someone else? What did she do wrong? He won’t tell her.

The brightest day of her week is Thursday, the day Jeanie takes her granddaughter to the park. There, one day, she meets Ray and his grandson. Ray is kind, easy to talk to, and gorgeous – everything George isn’t. She starts to live for Thursdays. But does she have the courage, in the teeth of opposition from all sides, to turn her life upside down for another shot at love?

This book was a refreshing change to the normal romance stories that I normally read. Jeanie has just turned sixty and has been married to her husband George for over thirty years. Their marriage hasn’t been perfect, George struggles to listen to Jeanie’s thoughts on important matters and gives her the third degree whenever she has been out. Then ten years ago, he suddenly moved out of their bedroom and since then they have been sleeping separately.

One day, Jeanie takes her granddaughter to the local park and beings talking to a gentleman who is their with his grandson. Ray and Jeanie hit it off, and begin to seek each other out when taking their grandchildren to the park. Jeanie starts to fall in love with him, but with her family to think about, will she follow her heart?

This story wasn’t just a typical love story, it showed how falling in love can effect not only you’re life but everyone else around you. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and could feel how torn Jeanie was, although I wish I could just shake her sometimes. I found George hard to like even though at times in the book he did try, he kept going back to his own ways. I loved the ending (although I felt it was fairly obvious how it was going to end!)

Rating: 4/5

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