In The Shadow of Stone – Rob Kaufman

in-shadow-stone-rob-kaufman-paperback-cover-artIn The Shadow of Stone by Rob Kaufman

Genre: Fiction

Jack Fontaine, summoned to the deathbed of his estranged sister, Dana, gets an odd request from her: keep the DVD she’s made for her only daughter, Jenna, safe until her 18th birthday and have her watch it – alone. Jack feels the tug of family ties and agrees to fulfill her wish. Unfortunately, at the time of Dana’s death Jack is confronted with a host of other issues, including criminals, deception and the possibility of losing his job at one of the top ad agencies in Boston. When Dana’s DVD is seen by the wrong eyes and the hidden fortune she revealed on the tape is stolen, the entanglements between Jack, his lover Marc, a slick corporate recruiter named Cory, and Todd, a reprehensible felon who also works at the agency, quickly unfold to expose what actually happened and who lurks In the Shadow of Stone

This is the second book I have read by Rob Kaufman, and what I liked about both books is that it isn’t your typical mystery type books. This story shows Jack in his perfect life, with his perfect apartment, perfect job and perfect boyfriend until his world comes crashing down with his sister dying following an illness and at work, Jack has been given a leave of absence after false accusations are made.

Jack then finds that his boyfriend Marc, has a hidden agenda which could cost him his career, not just in his current job but anywhere else. To make matters worse, his sister trusted Jack with a DVD to give to her daughter in ten years time when she turns 18 years old, that no-one else is allowed to view. The DVD falls into the wrong hands, and Jack has to fight to protect his family and save his professional reputation by finding who is behind the allocations.

This is another good book by Rob Kaufman which shows the twists and turns in a relationship and how people you care about can deceive you.

Rating: 4/5

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