Diamond Star Halo – Tiffany Murray

Diamond_Star_Halo_Tiffany_MurrayDiamond Star Halo by Tiffany Murray

Genre: Fiction

Growing up in a rural recording studio, Halo Llewellyn is rarely star-struck, but when one of the visiting singers gives birth to Fred, she knows right away that he’s special. As the golden child grows into the gilded man, she remains dazzled by his ambition and his talent. Up on stage, being screamed at by hundreds of teenage girls, Fred will always turn his spotlight on Halo in the crowd. But that’s the problem with falling in love with your charismatic almost-brother – it can never be a secret. In the end, the whole world has to know.

I picked this book up a couple of weeks ago when it was on offer. Reading the synopsis before buying it, I thought it would be more about the lifestyle of a rock star and about Fred and Halo’s relationship. Although it did centre around their relationship, Fred was constantly away on tour, leaving Halo back home with mixed feelings about her adopted brother.

The book is split into four parts. The first part is about Halo as a small child, meeting Fred’s mother (Jenny) whilst she’s pregnant with Fred. Whilst this gave you a bit of information about his mother and the relationship that her and Halo had over the few weeks Jenny was staying at Halo’s home I thought overall it was too long and didn’t really add much to the story.

The second part is eleven years later, with Fred just reaching puberty and Halo just turned seventeen. This added more to the story as you could tell how close Halo and Fred were and Halo was constantly worried about what Fred was up to and who he was with.

The third part was Fred becoming famous and how he neglects his family when his adopted mother needs him the most. He comes across as selfish within this part and I didn’t find him very likeable. And finally the last part was just finishing off the story, tying up the loose ends.

It was an OK read, but I wasn’t convinced in the two main characters and I found the theme a bit twisted as Fred and Halo referred to themselves as brother and sister.

It was an interesting idea but at times felt it was a bit too descriptive when going away from the main story.

Rating: 3/5

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