Living Amish (Book 1 & 3) – Rachel Stoltzfus

Amish-Covers51Living Amish (Book 1) and Living Amish – A Love Story (Book 3) by Rachel Stoltzfus

Genre: Fiction

Living Amish (Book 1) – Rachel and Mary have been best friends since childhood. When Mary decides to leave the Amish community with Jacob, she is determined to get her best friend, Rachel to join her. Mary is used to getting her own way, and Jacob is willing to do anything to keep her happy including kidnapping!

Find out what happens when Mary sets into motion a juggernaut that could result in her excommunication and shunning by the community, and the possibility that Jacob will go too far in getting Rachel to leave against her will. You won’t want to miss this one.

Living Amish – A Love Story (Book 3) – Melinda Abbott comes to realize that the Amish community in Hope Crossing is not a cult. After her boyfriend goes crazy, she hides in the community and finds peace, happiness and love in the Plain living community. She decides to join the community and comes to realize that what she’s found what she’s been looking for her entire life.

Love also comes into her life, and she begins to be courted by one of the Amish men in the community. There is also tension and stress in the community as they struggle to accept a woman who once plotted to kidnap their children. Find out how Melinda and the community of Hope Crossing comes to terms with her past and strives to welcome her into the community and lives.

Both these books are short stories and I read them one after the other on the same day so have decided to review them together.

I got Living Amish – A Love Story a few weeks ago not realising it was part of a series until I was just about to start reading. The inside pages said this was the second book in the series, so I quickly downloaded the first book Living Amish so I could read this before beginning the other book.

Living Amish is a very short story where you are introduced to Rachel, her boyfriend Thomas and his sister Mary and her boyfriend Jacob. Mary doesn’t want to be Amish anymore and is bored of living by the strict rules of the Amish culture. She wants her best friend Rachel to join her and Jacob and leave their Amish village. But Rachel doesn’t want to go. She likes living the Amish way and couldn’t imagine being shunned by her family and faith if she decided to go with Mary and Jacob. But Mary is stubborn, will Rachel be convinced by Mary to leave?

It was a good short story and perfect way to start the series, find out a bit about the characters and the Amish tradition.

Living Amish – A Love Story is about Melinda who wants to join the Amish faith after wrongly believing it was a cult. Melinda moves in with Rachel and her parents as she begins her introduction to the Amish religion and their way of life. The other members of the Amish society take a little while to get used to an outsider wanting to join their community but soon come round. Then one of the single Amish men, Steven, wants to start courting Melinda which causes a bit of fiction between a couple of women in the community.

After reading Living Amish – A Love Story, the back of the book actually showed me that this was the third book not the second.

I really enjoy reading about the Amish culture, but for me Living Amish – A Love Story felt like it could have been a shorter book as the same issues that were resolved earlier on in the book then became issues again. However, the story overall was good.

Rating: 3/5

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