Noah’s Ark – Andrew J Morgan

17270652Noah’s Ark by Andrew J Morgan

Genre: Science Fiction

Alex Latham had the perfect existence.

He had a loving family, a beautiful child and a successful career.

Then came the darkness.

When the darkness came, there was nowhere to hide. People ran. But they could not escape. The darkness came and the darkness took them away.

Except for one.

Alex thought that he was all that was left.

He was wrong.

I hadn’t heard of this book when I picked it up for free on the Kindle a few weeks back, and looking at the synopsis it looks like a post apocalyptic novel – my sort of book.

The synopsis is a bit misleading. At the start of the book you are introduced to the two main characters of the book, Alex and Michael. Alex is in a high powered job when he is jumped on whilst out for lunch. The next thing he knows is that he is driving a car not knowing how he got there. As he is trying to figure out what has happened, his phone rings. His wife is on the other end of the phone hysterical as he has been missing for three days and she hadn’t heard from him. From then on, his relationship with his wife goes downhill until she finally leaves him. Wallowing in self pity, Alex becomes a recluse until a few weeks later he decides to go out and that’s when he realises the world has changed.

Michael on the other hand appears to be in a type of prison. He denies killing someone, insisting that he blacked out and didn’t know what happened until he wakes up. He is made to see a psychologist, aswell as being tortured and drugged. Michael has been this existence for over 6 years until one day, the guards push him too far and he blacks out and again it has terrible consequences. Fortunately for Michael, he is passed on to a proper doctor who appears to actually want to help him.

Alex and Michael don’t appear to have anything in common but fate makes their paths cross as they look to one another to help save each other and the post apocalyptic world.

This is definitely more of a science fiction book, and is fairly complex to begin with as you start to get into the story and find out about the characters. There is a real world and a virtual world within this book and at times it can be confusing as to what is happening where.

I did enjoy this book as it was full of action and suspense but may need to read it again to completely get my head around the ending (was not expecting that!!)

Rating: 4/5

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