Seoul Survivors – Naomi Foyle

Seoul-Survivors-–-Naomi-FoyleSeoul Survivors by Naomi Foyle

Genre: Science Fiction

A meteor known as Lucifer’s Hammer is about to wreak destruction on the earth, and with the end of the world imminent, there is only one safe place to be.

In the mountains above Seoul, American-Korean bio-engineer Dr Kim Da Mi thinks she has found the perfect solution to save the human race. But her methods are strange and her business partner, Johnny Sandman, is not exactly the type of person anyone would want to mix with.

Drawn in by their smiles and pretty promises, Sydney – a Canadian model trying to escape an unhappy past – is an integral part of their scheme, until she realises that the quest for perfection comes at an impossible price.

I’ve read the book, the whole book, from cover to cover…but I’m really struggling to piece together a review.

To be honest, despite only finishing it a couple of days ago I’m finding it hard to recall what actually happened!

From what I can remember the basic story is split into two parts. ( I think)

The first part revolves around the meteor that is heading for earth, when it hits it will wipe out half of the world’s population, although most of the population are still in denial.

The second part is based on Dr Kim attempts at saving the human race,  she has a plan to repopulate the planet, however her true motive remains unclear.

I felt all the women in this book (except Dr Kim) were very naive and weak.  Despite the book having great potential it never really happened for me and I felt the story never actually went anywhere.

I also feel the ending was very open ended and generally a bit disappointing.  Perhaps this is a book I need to re-read again at some point.

Rating: 2/5

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